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When you love your pet like we all do, there is one day of the year that rises above the rest; the day your pet entered your life! Whether it’s an official birthday or a “Gotcha Day,” it’s a big life milestone to celebrate! Here are nine ways to make the most out of your pet’s special day.

9 Ideas for Your Cat or Dog’s Birthday Party or Gotcha Day

1. Plan a photoshoot: 

Your pet only has one birthday a year, so make sure to capture the moment. Hire a professional photographer or call a friend with a nice camera. Your camera phone works, too. Go outside or find some light indoors to snap the best pictures you can look back on and treasure forever.

2. Decorate:

 Let’s face it, our pets are like our kids. Make their birthday even more special and over the top with party decorations like streamers, banners, balloons, etc. This makes photoshoots even more lively and fun. Make sure to always clean up and never leave any choking hazards out while your pet is unsupervised.

3. Get creative with the menu: 

No celebration is complete without a special fare. Whether making a “cake” with free range organic patties and free-range organic sausages – decorate with some Vondis puppy crunchies or biltong bites!!   a special treat goes a long way to make the day feel special for your pet.

4. Dress up: 

Your pet deserves to look their best on their special day. Whether this means a full tuxedo, a simple bandanna or bow tie, or a day at the spa, make sure they’re pampered and feeling their absolute best. Don’t forget the party hat!


5. Do your pet’s favourite things: 

Make the day 100% about them. Visit their favourite park and spend time together outside. Play together with their favouritetoy. Eat birthday snacks and nap afterwards – everything is better when you’re together, especially on a birthday.

6. Gifts: 

Whether it’s store-bought or homemade your pet will love whatever you give them. Not sure what they’d like this year? Take your pet to your local neighbourhood pet store and let them pick out their own gifts!

7. Invite others to celebrate: 

Parties are even more fun with friends. If your pet is social and comfortable with larger events, invite your family members, friends, co-workers, neighbours, and even their dogs (or social cats) and make it a big affair.

8. Spoil them: 

We spoil our pets every day of the year, but there’s nothing wrong with going above and beyond on their birthday. Play harder, love deeper, and make the day 100% about your pet.

9. Give back to a good cause: 

Host a fundraiser for your cat or dog’s birthday. Use your furry family member’s special day to give back to your favourite charity, your local shelter, or the organization that gifted your pet to you in the first place.

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