Vondis Vegan Food 500g

Client review – ROMY COLLINSON  Westville Durban

“I have to tell you – I have 2 pitties and my big boy who was a rescue had really bad hip issues – I prefer non-surgical and natural healing and since I have put him on Vondis he is absolutely striving, it’s a brilliant product.  I mix the vegan into the meal that has meat to maximize their veg and it’s been great!   He would always turn his nose up to anything that was not raw meat (they were previously on barf diet) and now he will eat any fruit that I am eating…. Just shows how their tastes change and the fact that they are in fact omnivores.  No sign of any hip or joint issues whatsoever and at one stage he could not even walk!!!

I am very particular about what I put in my babies mouths so I actually tasted the vegan meal and jokes aside, it is very nice!! – You could honestly give that to someone and they would not think otherwise!!!  I am vegan myself so did not try the ones that have meat!