Walking your dog should be a daily activity for you and your dog, unfortunately a large percentage of dog owners do not walk their dogs due to time constraints and another common factor is that it is not enjoyable because the dog pulls or is overly excited on the walk.I am going to give you a few tips to help improve your walk and bring back the fun so you want to take your dog for a walk.


When you are getting ready stop all verbal communication with your dog.   Yes, that’s right, so humans that means we are not going to tell your dog “Let’s go walkies”.  The latter 3 simple words will often get your dog in a frenzy and super excited.

Guide them to their bed or an area close to where you are going to leave from make them sit and put on their dog walking equipment; a flat collar or obedience collar or a harness and your lead.


Wait for your dog to become calm.  [You might need to put on their walking equipment 10mins to 30mins before your planned walk to help them get in that clam mode]  They will know from your walking shoes and their walking equipment that an adventure is about to take place, so this is when you develop that calm routine so that when you do leave home you leave on a calm note.

Your dog does not need to march like a soldier next to you for your entire walk.  Mix it up do a combination of loose lead walking where your dog has the full length of the lead and slightly ahead of you with no tension on the lead and then heel walking where your dog is on your left side on a short lead.


Your dog pulls? A few things to try firstly change direction when they pull and gently tug on your lead to guide them closer to you. Alternatively if your dog pulls you come to a complete stop and you only move forward when there is no tension on the lead.  [If you are not successful with the latter then call your local professional dog trainer to have a session with you to help you on your way]