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The most effective dog training works on the principle of positive reinforcement – in other words, when a dog acts in a way we like, the dog is rewarded for its efforts.

Rewards can be anything that motivates a dog, such as playing with a toy or getting a bit of affection. But for many types of training, the best reward is an edible one: the training treat!

Dogs place a very high value on scent so the yummier they smell, the better. This is what makes our Tuna Goodies such wonderful training aids. Training treats should be of high-quality without adding too many calories to your dog’s daily diet.

When choosing a treat, be certain to review the ingredient label. The first ingredient should be fish or meat, rather than a by-product or “filler” such as grain, corn, or rice. The best treats are single protein treats like Yap Treats Goodies.

Our Goodies have been developed for high scent value, easy handling, and are just the right size for a single, easy to swallow a bite.

Yap Treat Goodies = Good Dog 😉

Happy training!


Pure Tuna

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