Squeaker Matz Hippo XL 16 Sqk

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  • MORE SQUEAKERS = MORE FUN: Each Outward Hound XL Squeaker Matz Hippo is PACKED with 16 squeakers to keep your dog digging and squeaking for hours!
  • DOGS DIG SQUEAKER MATZ: Digging is a natural behaviour for dogs and Outward Hound Squeaker Matz satisfy this natural play behaviour and excite them with squeaky sounds.
  • LESS MESS = MORE FUN: Minimal stuffing means less mess and more fun. We reduced the amount of stuffing in these plush dog toys and made room for what matters most: Squeakers!
  • FLOPPY FUN: Designed with an extra long body for fun floppy movement, the Outward Hound Squeaker Matz Hippo keeps dogs interested in chase and shake play. Sure to give your dog tons of chasing and tugging fun as this happy hippo squeaks and flops while they play.
  • IT’S LIKE BUBBLE WRAP FOR DOGS: Just more durable. Once your dogs start the squeaking, they won’t want to stop. Watch without worry as your dog’s paws playfully dig and play with these mats and stay far away from your gardens and grass.

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