Pets Elite All in one frozen raw food for dogs 500g packs

Pets Elite All in one frozen raw food for dogs 500g packs

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In our range, there are different options, each one having a different nutritional focus. This allows you to combine them in a way that best suits your dog’s dietary requirements.

The cut of meat is more important than the type of meat (i.e., if it’s sheep, cow or pork doesn’t really matter).

Green/black tripe is an important and excellent source of vegetables and enzymes 

All-in-One Mince – Original

This original formula is designed to feed your dog balanced food. The aim is to give your dog a natural and highly nutritious meal, which is in line with its ancestral diet.

All-in-One Mince – Puppy 

The original ‘All-in-One Mince’ reformulated for your puppy’s special requirements.

All-in-One Mince – Beef 

The original ‘All-in-One Mince’ formula without pork, is suitable for pork-free households.

All-in-One Mince – Fish 

The original ‘All-in-One Mince’ formula with added fish for extra Omega 3 fatty acids and a boost in Vitamin A.


Unlike many other commercially available raw food diets the Pets Elite Raw Food range is not processed or cooked and is not a combination diet and contains no grain.

The Pets Elite Raw Food range consists of various food options all aimed at giving your dog a natural and balanced, nutrition-rich diet. Our food range uses a combination of the following core ingredients:

  • Various animal meats (e.g. beef, pork, lamb)
  • Ground bones
  • Tripe
  • Organ meats (e.g. liver, heart, lung from various animals)

Below you will find some recommendations based on our experience. It is important to understand that if given the choice, a dog on a raw food diet will naturally eat more on some days and less on others, or even skip a day — much like his ancestors did.

Also, depending on your pet’s metabolism, size, age, and amount of exercise, the specific feeding requirements may vary. We generally recommend the following, but if you are unsure contact us directly for further assistance:

Puppies: 50g – 100g per 1kg of the puppy’s weight 

Adult dogs: 100g-300g per every 10kg of the dog’s weight 

The Pets Elite range is based on your dog’s ancestral diet, mimicking their evolutionary feeding habits, while providing their essential nutritional requirements.   Feeding a diet that is naturally designed for them, brings great health benefits, like a stronger immune system, which decreases their risk of contracting diseases and illnesses. The goodness of raw food also promotes a healthy lifestyle, prolonging their life span.

Why feed Pets Elite Raw Food?

• consists of PURE MEAT (i.e., no additives) • grain-, gluten- & sugar-free: – no allergens mean no itching, healthy skin & a shinier coat – promotes healthy teeth & gums – makes your dog less hyper • salt-free – for healthy kidneys, liver & heart • packed with essential nutrients • assists with muscle gain & fat loss • designed to be a staple diet (hint: do not mix with other foods) – approved as a complete food by DAFF* • suitable for all life stages, including puppies, lactating and senior dogs • consumer-friendly (just open, defrost and serve) • locally manufactured


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