Ostrich mini round bites 350g

Ostrich mini round bites 350g

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Hypo-allergenic dog treats

Ideal for dogs and puppies needing a low fat alternative

A great reward or after-dinner treat

No Salt or Grain

Ostrich round bites are made from pure lean meat discs, high in protein and low in fat. Ostrich is considered a good hypoallergenic alternative to other proteins and so great for pets with sensitive skin. The disc sizes average around 10 cm in diameter. They are a great option for puppies and any adult dog as a treat. This delicious dog treat is suitable for all dog breeds. The Lekker Bakery's range of products are made using only the best ingredients and are packed with flavour and nutrients. These treats make for a great way to reward your dog during training or for a job well done at playtime. Your dog will love Lekker Barkery products, which are pure meat, with no grain or salt added.

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