Mega Comfy

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Full option litter box perfectly suited to larger cats and multi-cat households.

The Mega Comfy cat litter box is 'mega' in more ways than one. It includes an extra deep tray to reduce litter scattering on the floor, four solid latching locks to keep the hood securely attached to the tray and a hidden storage unit with bin liners, scoop and charcoal filter to help reduce odours.   

Product Feature Points:

  • Roomy size with a length of 66cm
  • Ideal for large cats or households with multiple cats
  • 4 solid latching locks to keep the litter box secure
  • Hidden storage unit with 10 liner bags and a scoop
  • Made of premium quality plastic
  • Translucent door for added privacy
  • Charcoal filter to help reduce odour

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