Happy Hounds Rosemary Infused Beef With Carrots

Happy Hounds Rosemary Infused Beef With Carrots

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Our grass-fed beef is a winner! It is sauteed gently with rosemary and carrots, giving it great flavors and texture.

Happy Hounds, Healthier Hounds, Happy Planet

Our tasty and healthy recipe is co-designed by top pet nutritionists, using only the freshest ingredients, gently cooked with love in our human-grade kitchen.

There are no ​​artificial colorants, flavourants, preservatives, or added sugar

The result is fresh food that is nutritionally complete and balanced to promote optimal health for your happy hound.

We carefully select ingredients from nature to ensure they are not just healthy, but gentle on our planet. We support regenerative, small-scale farmers and fishers to ensure sustainability, traceability, and inclusivity for a more ethical food system. 

By purchasing our product, you are supporting our local community-supply chain too. 


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