Crunch Veggies Pepper Medium Petstages

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Spice up your dog's playtime with the Crunch Veggie Pepper dog chew toy. Made with a crunchy sound and texture that dogs can't resist, this toy is guaranteed to keep your dog busy. Unlike other chew toys, the Crunch Veggie Pepper features a durable inner core that ensure it will keep its shape and structure for long-lasting play.

  • VEGGIES ARE GOOD FOR YOUR DOG: This toy will satisfy your dog's chew instinct while inspiring fun play!
  • FUN SOUND & TEXTURE: The unique sound and texture of the Crunch Veggie Pepper is guaranteed to keep dogs playing.
  • DURABLE INNER CORE: Unlike other chew toys, the Crunch Veggie Pepper has a durable inner core to ensure it stands up to repeated use.
  • BYE, BYE, BOTTLES: Water bottle dog toys were so last century. Kick those cheap containers to the curb and upgrade your dog’s chew time with the Crunch Veggie Pepper.
  • ON THE GO: This toy is great for indoor and outdoor play or anywhere you and your pup go.

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