Natures Nest Avian Complete 4Kg

Natures Nest Avian Complete 4Kg

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Nature’s Nest Complete is a fully balanced diet using quality ingredients pressed into pellet form. Its scientific formula results in the best extruded bird food on the market in South Africa today.

Nature’s Nest Complete is a dry food and offers good nutritional benefits. It should make up at least 60% of your feathered friend’s daily food intake, and is great for parrots who prefer a plain pellet diet with no other ingredients added. It is even suitable for some of our companions with specific medical conditions like diabetes. This is the most economical product in our food range.

Ingredients - Maize- Soya- Bran - Apple Concentrate - Vitamins - Limestone - Rooibos Leaves - Kinofos - Zeolite - Methionine - giant peanuts

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