Rosewood Coastal Head Halter Small collar 43cm snout 15cm


The Walk ‘n’ Train Head Halter leader dissuades your dog from pulling on the lead by transferring the pressure of his efforts to the back of the neck, via the neck strap, while the pressure of the nose loop communicates your natural leadership.

Adjustable nose loop for a comfortable fit, kind control and effective leadership. Features pressure and release action that controls the head so the body will follow. A safety strap is included for added security. The gentle leader is scientifically designed to direct your dog’s entire body by controlling his head and nose no matter what breed, age or size of dog you have.

Head Halter

Small: Miniature Schnauzers, Jack Russell, Pug

Medium: Cocker Spaniel, Border Collie

Large: Labrador, Boxer, German Shepard